News update extravaganza

I haven't posted on this blog for awhile. And if you're reading me off facebook, then it might be news to you, but all of my notes have been imported from a blog I maintain on my spare time. Recently, though, I've been using it less and less, primarily because I'm directing a lot of my attention to my new blog, which has a more professional look to it, and isn't directly attached to my google account, which makes me feel somewhat more secure as far as being flooded with hate emails, which has happened often due primarily to my youtube videos targeting World of Warcraft. Trust me, it sucked, those nerds know how to fuck up your internet shit.

Anyway, thats all in the past, and I said this was going to be a news update extravaganza, so I'd better get started. As far as my personal life is concerned, not a lot has changed. I have a pretty kickass relationship going on right now, which actually is the only radical change in my life. Other than that, I've decided that working out just isn't for me, at least not right now, so I stopped completely. Instead, I'm going to try to pay more attention to music. Playing guitar here and there, and screwing around with my new toys. What new toys you ask? Why, a brand new macbook pro. A graduation gift from my parents, and it is very very nice. Especially for what I want to use it for: music. Built in mic is to die for, and the software runs fast as a Kenyan.

As far as everything on the internet that I've accumulated (videos, music, blogs, myspace, facebook), I've really lost touch with a lot of it. Like I said, I spend a lot of my time with music now, and aside from that I spend even more time sleeping, partying, and socializing.

Thus far, summer is crazy as fuck. I wake up around 2 pm each day to a new adventure to someone's house to do some drug or drink some drank. Its been fun. At times a little dramatic, but fun.

Anyway, since I covered most of what I would consider news, its time for me to advertise:
I need people to jam with. Experience has shown me that being around other people, like-minded, like-syled or not, dramatically increases the energy and creativity in all performed music. So let me know if you wanna make some pretty sounds, record them, and let the world have a listen.

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Elliott Smith - New Moon

Elliott Smith's label Kill Rockstars (KRS) has released a new album of all his unreleased stuff. I don't know why a lot of it wasn't released, because I love a lot of it, some of my favorite songs are on this album now. Its a whopping 24 tracks, two CDs.

About that label though. Heres a situation where I feel no remorse for just downloading the album and not paying any money. Elliott Smith is dead. This is a marketing play for the most part. They want more money that they can make off of Elliott, in spite of his death early in his career. Chances are they payed him a bit to sign, he died early, and all of his assets went to his woman (who probably killed him...). So in an attempt to make up for what they paid him, they probably put together this little guy. Now it would have been one thing, if they had donated the proceeds of this CD to a worthy cause, or anything other than stick it in their pockets. But they didn't, so fuck 'em.

So download away, torrent sites have it up, took me a couple hours. If you're a fan, enjoy. If you aren't yet, download some stuff and give it a try. One of my favorite artists. Ever.

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Holy shit

Haven't posted on here in over a month. It always happens like this. I get real into it, type a bunch of posts, then eventually I start to spread any creativity I might have over multiple mediums, and it all sort of slows down in general. Then I just kinda wear myself down and stop posting all together. Getting a bit overeager I suppose.

Well anyway, what have I been upto? I made four new videos, partied with friends, started a wordpress blog and a secret society (shhh). I've been busy I suppose. Not too busy to post on here, that was probably out of sheer laziness or lack of shit to write about. I guess I'll start posting again more regularly, keep updates on my videos too. Thats something I'm genuinely ashamed of. I made FOUR (count them) videos, and didn't post one of them on here. Horrible, really.

Anyway, I've been real talkative lately, probably due to the fact that all I've got left in Minnesota is summer before I head alllll the way over to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. So talk me up.

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A word on belief

We had a discussion about chastity today in religion class. Our religion teacher, 40-some years old, is all for chastity of course. Whats the downside? Lets look at the pros:

- God doesn't want you to have sex before marriage
- Sex before marriage can result in early/unplanned/teenage pregnancy
- Sex can result in contraction of STD's. Chastity prevents spread of disease
- You can focus less on sex, and "actually get to know the other person"
- You won't get denied at the gates for too much porking

Those were pretty much all the arguments he gave for chastity. Needless to say, I was upset. I completely disagree with all that shit. Cept for maybe the STD part. I'd like to point out, by the way, that my religion teacher is a virgin. So he isn't really an authority on sex. At all. Who is he to say that you can't search for god in a suck or a fuck? I certainly have. Hell, I might have seen him a few times, mid-thrust, or maybe right at the end. On second thought, I know I have. Come to think of it, I think a good way to describe the climax of a sexual experience to be something like getting a high-five from god himself. Wouldn't that be great? Somehow, you and god are such good buds, you are on a first name basis, and when he hears you had a good time with some nice guy or gal, he's so happy for you, he fucking puts his hand up, and you slam your palm into his. Glorious.

Well anyway, back to what I was talking about before. Christianity is really starting to bug the fuck out of me. Telling people not to do this, that, and the other thing. "Don't do it!" they say, "Don't even try it! You'll burn!" at least thats what they make it seem like. Its hypocritical really, think about it, why have such strict laws, if one can always repent? Furthermore, why the fuck does sex seem to get more attention than violence and murder? (I think I might be on the verge of rambling, so I'll try to keep it linear...) Anyway, let me explain my view before I continue.

Life is all about experience, what you experience is always to your benefit, in one way or another. And all that you don't experience, all that you avoid, is a loss on your part. Now, of course, you need to take into account things done to you as well. Its obvious that if you were forced into a situation completely against your will, that there may be less to gain, in fact, you may even lose a part of yourself (I'll get back to "losing" yourself later). But like I said, life is about experience. If you can experience, chances are you can, or at least you can try to understand. Understand everything, why did it happen, why did it feel the way it felt, why, why, why. Its important to be optimistic, because while I can maintain this belief system and stay very happy, at times, it can also be very depressing. So keep it on the up.

A bit more about me, if you don't mind. I try to get closer to god, by finding absolute truths. If I can't refute it, I can't say its not holy. Theres a little bit of god in everything when you look at it that way. Western religion loves to have the one almighty deity, and most associate polytheism with cavemen, human sacrifice, and the devil. But look at it like this. If theres a little bit of god in everything, then theres obviously a lot of god, whatever it is. And if its in a lot of different things, how is it hard to think that different manifestations might have different characteristics? I'm bored with this topic, and feel like I'm trying a little to hard to find some deep meaning in something I don't really give much of a shit about, so, moving on.

Everything I do, gets me closer to god (thank you NIN :P). Its just a matter of thinking about it. Think about what you do, but try not to spend so much time thinking about what you don't do (more specifically, what you won't do, what you refuse to do).

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The Year Zero Booklet at a glance

Just got my hands on it. I knew, as soon as I looked at it, there were more websites to be found somewhere in the backgrounds of the lyrics, more stories and secrets of the world of Year Zero.

And so, I broke out the magnifying glass. To my surprise, I was correct, I managed to decode a few numbers hinted at by highlighted letters in the booklet, and dig a few scrambled numbers and words out of the backgrounds. Here's what I got:

on survivalism page
17593 314547

on the good soldier

on vessel

me, i'm not
Highlighted letters: s e v e n f i v e

capital G
highlighted letters: s e v e n t w o

my violent heart
highlighted letters: 0 (zero) in "st0p"
s e v e n

the warning
13971 126871 314697
highlighted letters: t w o
0 (zero) in "t0"

god given
highlighted letters: f i v e t h r e e
179 174639

meet your master
179 (631 -- 3 looks upside down -- 931?)
highlighted letters: t h r e e (a?)

the greater good
highlighted: 3 (lyric) t h r e e

the great destroyer
highlighted: t h r e e n i n e

I might be observant, but I'm not much of a problem solver, you can figure out what to do with these codes if you want. Let me know if you think you know how to decode anything, I'd be quite interested. Just so you know where it came from, all numbers where hidden in the background designs, and all the letters were hidden in the lyrics (various letters were highlighted in each song, when combined they spelled out numbers).

I got lazy after the great destroyer, and didn't catch on to the highlighted letters until after the first few songs, so go check for yourself ;)

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Man, I wish my parents could have gotten this for me...

Rockabye Baby - Lullaby Renditions of Nine Inch Nails

Two words: fucking sweet. I'm definitely picking this up and putting it away for when I have kids. Essentially what they did, is take nails songs, and make them sound all nice and lullaby-ish. You know, vibraphone, mellotron, and other soothing instruments. The song selection is a bit odd though. The one that sticks out to me is "Closer" (you know, the song that goes something like "I wanna fuck you like an animal, I wanna feel you from the inside").

But regardless of the song selection, this CD is sweet as hell. Apparently the guy who does it has done other big bands too, like Pink Floyd for example. Oh and you gotta hear this description, it's the reason I wrote this:

"Nine Inch Nails changed the way an entire generation of kids heard the music around them. Trent Reznor uses unique sounds to create electronic music that is otherworldly. His songs are a warm place that are closer to being fragile than broken. If your child bites the hand that feeds, play this album. It is made with all the love in the world."

(If you're a fan, you'll catch the handful of song references crammed into that blurb)

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I've started using it once again. Since I've gone and dug up my old hobby, music, I've decided I might as well start posting a bit of the noise I'm making.

You can check it out here

What will you find? Who knows?
New songs, lyrics, my trial and error process of deciding what I like and what I don't like, general info on how my "career" as musician is going. I'm actually gonna start using it a bit. So if you like the way I sound, check it out now 'n then. Or even better, you could register on purevolume as a listener and become a fan/friend of me, just like on myspace! but with music! how exciting! Do it any you're my hero. Honestly every time I look at that site I cringe a little when I read "no messages, 0 friends, 0 fans, no one likes you, why are you trying, get your shit out of here"

Honestly, thats what I have to read every time I login.

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